Q: Do teens need to take a driver's education course?

A: Persons under 18 years of age must take an official driver's education course as required by the State of Texas to obtain a driver's license.

Q: Where do I take the permit test?

A: You can take the permit test at Street Wise Driving Schools.

Q: I already took the classroom portion of the driver's education program at another school, can I take behind-the-wheel instruction only?

A: Yes, Street Wise Driving Schools allows you to take just the driving portion of the class. Students can begin scheduling driving times when they present their completed classroom record and transfer the DE-964 certificate over to Street Wise Driving Schools

Q: How many days are in the classroom portion of this course?

A: There are 16 days (32 hours) in the classroom portion. The class runs 4-5 days per week for 3-4 weeks. See the class schedule page for more information about the class schedule.

Q: How long is the class per day?

A: Each class is 2 hours long.

Q: What time are the classes?

A: See the class schedule page for the most current schedule.

Q: How long is the driving portion of the course and when can I schedule my driving lessons?

A: The driving portion is a total of 14 hours (7 hours driving and 7 hours observing). Driving lessons can be scheduled after the completion of the classroom portion.

Q: What times can I schedule driving lessons?

A: Driving lessons can be scheduled five days a week, before or after class, as the student's and instructor's schedules permit. Once a student has registered for the driving education course, made full payment, and received their learner’s permit, he/she can schedule their driving appointments by phone.

Q: What age can teens start the program?

A: Teen as early as 14 years old can register for the driving education course.

Q: What should I do if I miss some of the classroom portion of the course?

A: Missed classes can be made up by attending the class during the same day at a different time (if available) or attending the missed class during the next course.

Q: Can I make partial payments for the Teen Driver's Education Course?

A: Yes. We will accept a deposit of $50 for to enroll in the course and get started. However, the instructional permit and certificate of completion will not be issued until full payment is made.